Ice sports

The Right Location, the Right Community, the Right Time, the Right Facility

Sports and social team-building activities are a critical part of development for children and young adults. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we are committed to forging strategic partnerships with individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations to further our vision and philosophy of “recreation for all.” Our inclusion of non-traditional sports will create new pathways for college scholarships by building skills in sports that can open doors for students that might otherwise be closed.

The ability to experience a variety of recreational activities, particularly winter sports, is out of reach for many families in Palm Beach County, including 59% of school-age children who qualify for free or reduced lunch programs.

Additional youth programming is particularly needed at the middle and high-school levels.

Our hot, humid and wet climate negatively impacts the ability for our residents to participate in sports and recreation. A large, indoor sports facility will meet the needs of our youth, seniors, and all residents, providing the opportunity for wholesome extra-curricular activities and positive social interaction in a safe and comfortable setting.

I am so excited about this facility because it provides people throughout the community opportunity to have access to sports that they don’t today. 

Rachel Godino

Former US Olympic Team, Ice Dancing, Former member US Olympic Committee Board of Directors

As world leaders and members of this community, it is a privilege and responsibility of HSS to help Palm Beach North Sportsplex guests achieve better quality of life through better quality of movement.

Louis A. Shapiro

President and CEO, Hospital for Special Surgery

Anybody can access the facility. It is going to be a treasure to the north county once it is completed.

Daniel Prieto

Deputy Leisure Services, Palm Beach County

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