How much does it cost to join or become a member?

A blend of fees, dues, admission rates, and membership categories are being developed for the entire facility and will vary with the program, league, sport and event. We will encourage participation for all and also plan on having subsidized programs and fees for those that require assistance within the county.

Are there any concession stands or food on site?

Yes, there will be a restaurant and bar providing options for full meals and refreshments.

How can I help?

Individuals, foundations and corporations are invited to become involved in this exciting endeavor. There are several ways to give, the first is through a donation which can be found here. Donor recognition opportunities are available for gifts at all levels.  Become a founding member, or consider volunteering in support of the campaign.

Yes, I would like to Help PBNAF build the Sportsplex!

Why the Palm Beach Gardens Area?

Palm Beach Gardens is a growing and vibrant signature city with a wealth of parks and recreation opportunities but limited indoor recreational facilities. The proposed Palm Beach North Athletic Facility is ideally located to service all North Palm Beach County residents and beyond.

How will the facility impact the area? Will there be any job openings?

Yes, we anticipate approximately 100 new full and part time jobs, increased hotel occupancy, and secondary economic impact on local businesses.

PBN Sportsplex Exterior Day
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